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Jan 19

There are many diet trends that come and go and each year. Yet, even with the best intentions, it is not easy to keep a healthy diet and stay on top of what we eat. We handle a busy schedule every day leaving us little time to make the right choices.

One of the ways you can use to help yourself eat healthy consistently is through meal preparation. By carefully planning and eating pre-made meals instead of relying on ordering expensive takeaways or having to cook something up last-minute, you’re guaranteed to eat quality food and save yourself some money at the same time.

You can use meal prep as a tool to lose weight, gain muscle mass, or simply to keep in line with a healthy lifestyle if you don’t have the time to cook every day. What’s great about it is that you are in control of what you eat and you can make it fun by trying out new recipes and new flavours.

Someone who understood this from personal experience is Megan Gee, Founder of Strength Chef who specialises in planning and prepping meals for her clients and delivers across Oxfordshire. Megan ’s journey to starting Strength Chef started six years ago when she was studying sports education and she started putting on weight. She felt unhappy with her diet and decided to prep meals for herself to better control what she was eating. At that time in her life, she also travelled to the Far East and explored new foods and flavours which she incorporated in her meal prep when she returned.

When discussing with Megan about the importance our diet has in our life, she pointed out that today there are two major issues leading to an unhealthy diet: a lack of education for how to put together a well-balanced meal and the very limited time people have to cook at home.

For that, Megan offers to meet her clients to understand their personal goals and will plan for them a fully customised meal plan which can cover breakfast, lunch and dinner. She takes into account any dietary requirements and allergies. Megan then prepares the meals and does a delivery run twice a week so her clients eat fresh meals instead and do not rely on freezing them.

Megan takes pride in preparing colourful and vibrant meals, having learnt the love for cooking from her parents and being inspired by other chefs. Megan strongly believes that wellbeing is all about feeling good on the inside as much as our external appearance. By providing a personalised service catered exclusively to each client, she gives her clients the best chance to achieve their goals. Pricing starts at £5 per meal.

Strength Chef will be at our FitFest Oxford Weekender at Westgate Oxford on Jan 26th fuelling you with healthy tasty treats as well as serving up delicious healthy meals at our major festival on June 15th. Be sure to come and see Megan and the team!

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