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Mar 18

At Fitology Kitchen they are experts on providing incredibly tasty, clean, nutritious food that is and vibrant, to complement your workout, help achieve your goals or to just energise your mind body & soul.

Colour code system 

Fitology Kitchen teamed up with a fully qualified Sports Nutritionist to ensure their food meets all client’s requirements. There is also a Vegan Executive Chef who not only creates delicious vegan recipes but has also studied various subjects such as nutrition, genetics, biochemistry, microbiology, neurosciences, sophrology to well and truly understand how the mind & body work together.

Fitology Kitchen uses a colour coded system which is tailored to help meet specific fitness goals which means that choosing healthy food has never been easier and more accessible.

The team at Fitology Kitchen are looking forward to tantalising your tasted buds with our range of juices, snacks, meals that include gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian options to prove that healthy food does not have to be boring.


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