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Jan 19

‘Indulging in some retail therapy’ isn’t just a sneaky way of telling your other half you’re going shopping. There’s more to it, and many people use it as a way of self-reflection, preparation and socialisation. Purchasing a new dress or finding the perfect pair of shoes can cheer us up and make us feel prepared for an upcoming event. And we all know that feeling a little more prepared and organised can help reduce stress and anxiety, too.

Others use retail therapy as an opportunity for socialisation with loved ones, combining browsing the clothing rails at your local shops with some lunch in a nearby restaurant. This chance to catch up with a friend or family member makes shopping all the more enjoyable, and gives us a reason to escape the routine of daily life, even just for a few hours, and focus solely on shopping, socialising and enjoying ourselves.

If you’ve got an upcoming wedding, for example, and you’re feeling overwhelmed with options, spending time to consider colour schemes, types of shoe and lengths of dresses – simply browsing around your local department store for inspiration and ideas, for instance – can really start to bring a decision together in your mind.

However, if you find it all too much or you’re not sure where to start, personal styling might be the solution for you. A dedicated personal stylist can help you find looks, styles and clothing that works for you, your body type and your personality. Personal stylists help you think about your shaping and style to make outfits unique to you and, most importantly, create looks that you feel confident wearing.

The personal stylists at John Lewis & Partners offer five free services, during which they will help you choose outfit options and advise on colour and style to suit you. Whether you’re looking for a capsule wardrobe to take on holiday, a wardrobe refresh to update your current style, a smart but modern look for work, the perfect pair of jeans or an outfit for a special occasion, the personal stylists are there to listen, help and advise. You can book a personal styling appointment by visiting their Personal Styling page. After you’ve booked, your personal stylist will contact you to find out more about you so that they can tailor their styling to you as an individual, making the service unique and personalised.

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