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Jan 19

Meet Arthur’s Juices, a new start-up drinks business based in Shepherds Bush, West London. They make and sell natural juices without added sugars and artificial flavours.

Not all juices are created equally; those with long shelf-lives are often highly processed. This removes the vitamins and beneficial enzymes and phytochemicals, such as antioxidants that protect our cells. To get away with this, large companies add colours and vitamin C back into their juices after processing. Unfortunately, it’s not the same and our bodies can tell.

We are not getting all the benefits of fruit and vegetables from processed juices. They also contain a lot of sugar so choose your beverages wisely.

The Arthur’s Juices team runs a busy coffee shop and noticed their customers were looking for fresh juice drinks that weren’t process or full of added sugar. After months of development and taste-testing research, they developed a variety of fruit and vegetable juice blends to create a universally appealing range of delicious, fresh drinks.

Here is the secret: Arthur’s Juices keeps ingredients to a minimum of three ingredients per drink and listens to consumer feedback. Over time, this allowed them to create a range of delicious juices that even appeal to self-professed ‘veg-haters’.

“Our favourite juice is Beetroot, Apple and Pear, although this time of the year our Carrot, Apple and Ginger is very popular.” – Max from the team at Arthur’s Juices

Arthur’s Juices supplies juices to local business and sells directly to consumers at Artisan markets in London. Arthur’s Juices drinks are the perfect answer to starting the year off on a health kick!

Keep your eyes on this juice; the Arthur’s Juices team has big plans for bringing their delicious drinks to locations across the UK. In 2019, the team plans to take part in more music, fitness and food festivals, such as FitFest Oxford. This means more customers get to try and benefit from Arthur’s Juices. Eventually, Arthur’s Juices will be sold in high street shops to crowd out processed juices and drinks.

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