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Jan 19

Monshea features a range of naturally rich and moisturising hair and skin care products containing shea oil. Shea oil is a much lighter oil than shea butter, and boasts lasting moisturising properties. The Monshea products are all specifically formulated for dry skin and curly hair. The company aims to “Build a world class product range with innovative formulas that will moisturise your extremely dry skin, hair and scalp.”

Products include pure shea oil, hair oil and scalp oil. Shea has been used in skin care for many years due to its lasting and deeply moisturising properties.

Chances are that you have heard of shea butter, but how does shea oil compare? Shea oil has all the advantages of the Shea butter without the disadvantages. Below are just a few benefits of this wonderful oil.

  1. Shea oil is more moisturising for our skin, thanks to the higher oleic acid content.
  2. It is easy to apply as it has a much softer texture like a lotion but is as effective as a body butter.
  3. Shea oil will absorb instantly leaving your skin softer and giving you a radiant long-lasting glow.
  4. It is has a more suitable composition to apply directly onto your hair if it feels or looks a bit dry.
  5. The strong scent of Shea butter is reduced. Some people love the slightly roasted nutty aroma but others hate it. Shea oil has a lighter and less noticeable scent than the butter.
  6. When cold, Shea butter hardens, which makes it challenging and time-consuming to use. Shea oil does not present these challenges.

We love that all of the product’s raw ingredients are imported directly from social enterprises who work with women’s cooperatives. This means you get glowing skin and hair and the women producing the shea oil also reap the benefits of fair wages and growing a sustainable business.

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