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Jan 19

FeelFit Gym in Cowley, Oxford, is the city’s largest gym and is very well-equipped, boasting the latest Matrix machines spanning two huge floors. They host more than 50 classes a week, and the gym is home to a sauna, steam room, and their team of experts are always on-hand if you need any advice. We’re so excited that they’ll be at FitFest Oxford this year. They’re knowledgeable and very inspirational!

We asked the FeelFit team to explain what sets them apart from other local gyms. “We have it all under one roof! We’re not just Oxford’s largest gym but we have expert trainers, a mixed sauna and steam room, ladies-only gym, ladies-only infra-red sauna, a nutritional bar where you can get the goodness you need after a hard session. And Oxford’s only supplement shop where you can buy the supplements needed towards reaching your goals. We have an amazing range of classes to choose from too!”

Putting customers first is important, so how does FeelFit Gym personalise the customer experience? “Every customer’s fitness journey is important to us. We have a dedicated team here at FeelFit and we create a family-like atmosphere to make you feel comfortable. Every new member gets the option to have a free 30-minute consultation with one of our expert trainers to understand your fitness goals so we can identify a plan that best suits you.”

When we’re feeling tired or cold in the winter months, many of us can feel less motivated to train. How does FeelFit Gym motivate its members? “We have created a family-like atmosphere here at FeelFit and we have tools within our facilities that can help keep you motivated. Our Boditrax machine can scan your body and let us know what is going on inside. Sometimes it can be frustrating and demotivating when you have been working hard and cannot see any visual differences yet! This machine will let you know the difference you cannot see yet. You set your own personal goals within the machine, too.”

FeelFit Gym advise that you should “have a fitness goal in mind and put a plan in place to help you reach your goal. Don’t be unrealistic, break your plan down into small chunks and with determination and focus you can achieve anything.”

FeelFit Gym will be at FitFest Oxford in June. They will be hosting a range of amazing classes, and their expert team will be available to chat with you about your fitness goals.

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