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Jan 19

Life coaching. Helping people embrace the day with more joy. Proving to people that they already possess what they need to move forward. Whatever you want to call it, that’s what Sarah Griffiths, or SJ, does. Specifically, she helps men and women over 40 find purpose, joy and energy in their lives. When she’s not life-coaching, SJ teaches Strala yoga, which she feels is another important way to reflect, motivate yourself and encourage mindfulness and energy flow, just as life-coaching encourages productivity, joy and energy flow. Combine SJ’s life-coaching experience with a Strala yoga session, and you’ll be full of self-admiration, hope, reflection and powerful energy flow, giving you the tools you need to find purpose and positivity.

SJ will be at FitFest Oxford doing exactly that: combining a worthwhile life-coaching session with Strala yoga in a unique, innovative workshop. It will involve quietening the inner voice and committing to action, inspiring attendees to decide on the next steps they need to take in their own lives to achieve an increased sense of purpose and joy.

If you haven’t heard of Strala yoga before, it was originally devised by Tara Stiles, dubbed ‘The Yoga Rebel’ by the New York Times. The word ‘Strala’ means ‘to radiate light’. It’s all about helping others find their freedom, ease and joy. It’s an interwoven practice of yoga, tai chi, qigong and shiatsu, with training focused on healing.

SJ has been teaching Strala yoga for four years, and loves how seamlessly it fits into her life-coaching sessions, and really works hand-in-hand with the values and goals she works with her clients to achieve. She spoke of Strala yoga: “It gives people permission to move where they want to move and linger where it feels good to linger. Strala teachers are known as guides. We hold space and guide the class into the moves but then will use our whole body, the tone of voice and gentle hands-on assistance to help the class move with ease. It’s about getting further and progressing your practice. My belief is that how you practice yoga is how you practice anything. If the yoga practice is always rigid and stiff, life will feel like that, too. My aim? For my class to leave their mats feeling happy and ready to conquer the world.”

Strala yoga and life-coaching sessions help you slow down, tune into who you are, live in a more restful state, and wave goodbye to the constant rushes of adrenaline and cortisol that have become so chronic in society today.

Find out more about SJ and Strala yoga by visiting her Facebook page, but SJ is most active on Instagram @thesarahjanegriffiths. Her website is coming soon, too. You can find her at FitFest Oxford in June, hosting the combined Strala yoga and life-coaching session.

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