Werk-It Event with Dirty Bones!

Jude Perrera
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Jun 19

The first ever Werk-It Event between Dirty Bones and Fitfest Oxford took place on 29th of May 2019 and it was absolutely fabulous! With so many incredible people attending the event, there was a wide array of boss women populating the cozy interiors of Dirty Bones readily armed with their delicious cocktails.

The event not only created a brilliant platform for networking but also had some amazing boss women who are taking social media by storm! They gave their own perspectives on how they remain absolutely in control whilst trying to juggle work, fitness and personal lives.

The panel was hosted by our very own boss lady Lydiah Igweh (Founder of Fitfest Oxford) as she asked the amazing panellist of the day questions about their work/life balance. The panellists included Tilly Rose, founder of Oxford student network That Oxford Girl and author of ‘That Oxford Girl – a Real Student’s Guide to Oxford University’, Ella Rose, Creator of Leafology, a natural skincare range, and Polina Jones, health and fitness guru.

“It was so much fun to chat among powerful, inspiring women who are doing great things and the whole room was full of impressive women who either are already achieving or are about to achieve greatness!”

Ella Rose, Leafology

The panel mainly focused on various aspects of social media and how they interpret it to their own personal brands and how it has shaped them to be who they are today. All the female bosses had their own particular story of their journey to share with the audience and the audience had a chance to ask them questions and to interact with them so that they can get some valuable insight that could translate to their own life.

Thanks to the Werk-It event being such a great success and bringing together some amazing bosses, you can definitely expect more empowering events to come – so stay tuned!

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