Brazilian Method

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We certainly felt the burn with Vivian's Brazilian Method Class - You'll find the class on IGTV by following the Insta link above. Vivian is an inspiring and upbeat trainer, her class in award winning coming top in Tatlers awards for 'Best Bottom' class, pretty cool hey?

Vivian is a highly-qualified personal trainer with a wealth of experience across functional training, weight-loss, performance training and rehabilitation. As one of Brazil's best-known fitness instructors, her work has taken her to Canada, the USA and now London. Personal training is Vivian's true passion and her life has been dedicated to helping others achieve their full fitness potential

From Vivian...

The class incorporates the best of my fun, upbeat and challenging workout with a focus on toning and sculpting the lower-body and core.

I created the Brazilian Method because I noticed the necessity to train girls to get toned but not bulky, especially for the glute (buttocks) group of muscles. For example, my PT model clients need to get leaner for the catwalk but without changing their body size. I developed this method with resistance bands to stimulate the group of muscles including glutes, core and thighs to get them to a better shape.


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