Tracey Tottie Milner

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I’m Tottie Milner, and helping people find their fitness is my business. I think of it as helping people be what they want to be. I love my job. For me, it’s not like work at all.

I was driven towards a career in fitness after I discovered the love of feeling good. I was an unfit, non-sporty child and teen. I was interested in drama and plays; I simply didn’t know how to look after my body.

But I joined a gym at the age of sixteen with my first wage packet as a hairdressing apprentice – and I met there a female body builder who taught me to stop yo-yo dieting and pounding the treadmill. If I wanted to change my body shape, she said, I’d have to pick up a dumbbell. This was unheard of in the 1980s.

Over time, I started to look and feel pretty good, and the people around me started to ask my advice in the gym. There was no greater feeling than that of helping others reach their goals. I thought, “Actually, this is what I love doing.” I retrained and qualified as Fitness Instructor, then a Personal Trainer, and then a sports nutritionist.

I’ve worked in Australia and the USA, Japan, and Germany. Now I’m back in the UK, doing what I love here.

When not working, working out or looking after my two gorgeous girls, I like to challenge myself: I do muddy runs, assault courses, dragon boat racing. I do two charity Spinathons a year – so far raising £19,000 for Myton Hospice, a cause very close to my heart. I love good food, Thai being my favourite. I meet up with friends, go on girls’ nights out, dance whenever and wherever I can.

Genetically, I am on the shorter side of average, stout and not naturally very sporty at all. I’m living proof you can do anything if you put your mind to it: you can BE whatever you choose to BE. And I can help.

Tracey is delivering "Indoor Beat Cycle Talk" on 15th June.


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