Hoop Tone

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Playtone are exactly who you would expect from their name!...playful, fun, fitness and toning!

Join them for online classes and try something totally new, fresh and guaranteed FUN!

What will I need? All you need is a hoop (if not no worries - you can wiggle those hips and use your imagination), access to the Internet and space (approx 20-25 sq.ft)!

LEVEL: Classes are suitable for beginners to advanced who are looking for an alternative workout routine.

Learn techniques, practice and plenty of whooping support!

A fun cardio workout to spin you into shape with adult size hula hoops designed by Marawa The Amazing and certified by EDMuk (Exercise to Music). Tone and condition your core muscles whilst listening to Carnival and Disco tunes! Forget sit-ups, this is the BEST way to work your midsection whilst learning new tricks and having loads of fun!!
Learn hula hoop tricks and HoopTone fitness exercises
Get pro tips and learn how to avoid injuries by improving your technique!
FACT - get abs harder than diamonds!


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