Jimena Torres Torija Campos

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I obtained my degree at Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City and did my clinical internship at the National Health Institutes in Mexico. Mexico is among the countries with the highest obesity and diabetes burden; seeing this first-hand during an internship motivated me to obtain a postgraduate diploma as a diabetes educator after my bachelor degree.

Subsequently I volunteered for Movimiento CUS AC, a non-governmental organization focused on providing healthcare, nutritional assessment and education in marginal communities in Mexico.

Since moving to the UK I have been working as a nutrition and health advisor at Oxford’s favourite health store, Revital; I’m at the Summertown store at least once per week offering friendly advice to their customers.

And as a long-term collaborator with Dr Adrian Soto (Oxford University) I have participated in many research trials investigating the benefits of ketogenic diets on an array of health measures. I will share the insights I have gained with you in the FitFest presentation ‘Keto Diets and Exercise’


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