Jan and Jong Hernaez

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Jan and Jong are an amazing couple that named their company K2 Good Health Ltd. through the inspiration of their 2 children Krishtian and Kirsten. The couple used to work in Oxford University Hospital for over 11 years as health professionals. Jan is a theatre practitioner and Jong as an ICU Nurse and had left their professions and found their passion as an entrepreneur running their own business since 2015.

They are committed to helping people by sharing how to prepare and cook the food using the right equipment and technique for cooking that enhances the natural flavour of food, saves time, energy and money, and most especially preserve the high value nutrients of our food that can prevent the lifestyle diseases in the modern world today.

They both believe that it is rare in life to have the opportunity to make a difference in society and make it as your career at the same time.

Come and see them at the festival to experience and taste their simple healthy recipes and find out what it can do for you.


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