Jump Fit Jumple & HIIT

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Equipment - If you have rebounder boots pop them on and join in, if not, trainers are great, lace up and enjoy the jumping fun!
Class delivery - Facebook LIVE (see FB button above)

Classes are suitable for all ages, shapes & sizes. Sundays showcase class will comprise of Jumple & HIIT! Jumple is non-stop choreography - jump to the music! Have a go at HIIT in a JumpFit Class, the fat burning is maximised whilst the boots act as a resistance tool and you are strengthening leg muscles and engaging the core. Every muscle in the body is used when rebounding and injuries are prevented as the boots reduce the shock to the ankles, shins, knees, hips and spine. A LOT of calories are burned and you will leave the class buzzing, due to the fast release of endorphins!

This is FUN! Jumping Fitness for All! Rebounding reduces body fat, tones your body, increases your agility, strengthens your muscles, provides an aerobic effect for your heart, rejuvenates you when you are tired, but best of all, it makes you smile! It's a fact that rebounding induces an immediate state of euphoria. In fact, rebounding is "the most efficient and effective exercise known to man". (NASA)


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