Damian Scott

Damian says "I have always been a massive fan of dance and have danced for many years trying all different forms. Before starting pole, I used to be a street dancer competing in Adult National and Regional Street dance competitions and being part of our annual dance school showcase. Unfortunately, in 2013 I injured my knee which required surgery, this meant that I was no longer able to dance at my current level. After rebuilding the muscles and strength I had lost I decided it was time for a change and decided to go for a trial at a taster pole class and I haven’t looked back since! My passion for pole has just grown and grown and to now be on the other side and being able to share my knowledge is rewarding and worthwhile. The love has grown so much that I have been able to take my experience to bring together Partners in Pole Sports (PIPS). What I love most about pole is that it’s for everyone no matter your age, gender or fitness background. Having been taught by female instructors I did find certain moves more challenging but over the years of training/ teaching I have learnt to adapt my body to suit the moves. I have been able to use my own experience to help students I teach conquer their own pole challenges and to feel more comfortable in their own journey.


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