Cherie Marshall

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Originating from South Africa and as far back as Cherie can remember she has always had a love and passion for music and dance, any excuse to go out dancing from dancing in the comfort of her own home to outdoor festivals in the South African sunshine. Cherie tried many styles of dancing in her school years such as ballet, modern dancing and African Beats but it was not until she moved to England in 2004 that she discovered the Sensational Art of Bellydance, she fell love instantly and knew right then and there she had found her calling.

Dancing is when Cherie is at her happiest she disappears into an exquisite bliss of ecstasy and can remain in this meditative state for hours, the music flows through her and for those moments they are one. This encourages immense creativity within her and toward her dancing.

Cherie has studied Oriental and Egyptian Music and Dance intensely over the past 9 years, attending many Inspiring classes and workshops taught by various UK and International Top teachers. She is one of the first Graduates from the Drumzy Advanced Dancers Course directed and run by the renowned Hossam and Serena Ramzy and has performed with The Ramzy dance Company for several years; she has toured with the troupe across Britain appearing both with the troupe and as a soloist. Cherie has also performed with World musician Phil Thornton and is also a Certified Belly Dancing Teacher through the International Dance Teachers Association (IDTA)

Cherie has become well known as a teacher and performer of Egyptian style Belly dance with her unique style and ability to fuse and create exciting, fun, new choreographies. She offers Private tuition as well as private group classes and is known for her enthusiastic teaching style, accurate interpretation of music, funky choreographies and for bringing her students from complete beginners to fully fledged performers in a matter of months.

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