Asha Adutwim

My name is Asha and I created Amour Health to help you on your journey to perfect health. There are so many conflicting theories and opinions out there about what you should and should not eat, that it can become confusing and terrifying and leave you in the middle of a supermarket aisle not knowing what to put in your trolley!
I believe that you can eat all the beautiful and wonderful things that are out there as long as not only it is in moderation but also that it corresponds with the constitution of your body.
Different foods react differently with different people because of one thing; our energy and I am here to show you what your body type is, the foods to eat and what to eat less of, your perfect exercise regime that will easily incorporate into your every day life and how to maximise your mindset and emotional wellbeing to manifest your dreams into reality.
Whether you’re looking for a full, bespoke health programme, a diet plan to supplement your exercise regime or mindset coaching, I am here to help you achieve your ultimate goal and live the life you truly desire.
I have products ranging from nutrition to motivational garments to keep you inspired and empowered throughout the day.
Join Asha's talk on 15th June: "How to get started in an Ayurvedic Lifestyle".


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