AG-RO Fitness

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What will I need? Nothing - just yourself and your energy!

Aaron will bring you a ARC-7: Quantum Class "Engineered to improve all-round muscular endurance, work capacity and movement skill.

Quantum will test your limits using innovative bodyweight-only exercises combined with dynamic training systems”

From a desire to use his skills to further enrich and better the lives of those around him, Aaron qualified as a Fitness Professional and has enjoyed working in the industry since 2016.

Aaron enjoys working with a wide variety of individuals that are enthusiastic, motivated and driven to focus their aspirations and training, providing training that not only meets but exceeds their goals.
Having trained in a variety of disciplines such as Exercise to Music and Youth Coaching, as well as developing some of his own brands such as Revolution Indoor Cycling and ARC-7 Transformation Training, Aaron offers a truly tailored and unique experience to meet the needs of those he works with.

Aaron takes meticulous care in planning strategic regimes for clients, helping transform their bodies to be stronger and healthier, mentally stronger and building confidence in their abilities, the results of which shine through to all aspects of his clients’ lives!


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